FireHost Is Now Armor, the Leader in Active Cyber Defense Focused on True Outcomes for Customers

August 31, 2015

Armor delivers dwell times 100 times shorter than the 205-­day industry average.

A history of spending on security tools, followed by subsequent breaches, has proven that traditional cybersecurity approaches have been ineffective against disrupting and neutralizing cyberattacks. To deliver the best possible security outcomes to customers, FireHost is expanding its vision and offerings under a new banner: Armor.

Through years of protecting customers through the FireHost Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Armor repeatedly witnessed a critical industry problem. The typical security vendor remains one-­dimensional: they sell on the premise that their specific tool is enough to protect customer environments. Unfortunately, most vendors offer little more than the latest tool — not true security outcomes. The result was end customers left to defend themselves and own all associated risk.

Armor’s investment and commitment, focused on threat intelligence, advanced technologies, industry-­leading techniques and talented professionals, are carefully crafted to bring customers these outcomes. Armor now will extend much of the security and benefits of the FireHost VPC — regardless of the underlying infrastructure — to a variety of environments.

Central to Armor’s expansion is Armor Anywhere, which delivers a proven cybersecurity solution to both public and private clouds, and customer-­owned IT. It currently includes two products — CORE and CORE+ — that help organizations balance internal VM security, cost-­effectiveness and cloud accessibility.

The industry-­leading FireHost VPC is now known as Armor Complete — a fully integrated secure managed cloud, which delivers security, support and high-­performance infrastructure via a single solution. Easily exceeding the strictest compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST, Armor Complete continues its reputation as the world’s most secure managed cloud.

Armor delivers customers true security outcomes. Not just tools. Armor reduces the risk and complexity associated with managing cyberthreats. And it’s through this approach that Armor’s new promise was born: between you and the threat.


  • FireHost is now Armor, an industry-­leading active cyber defense company
  • Armor is delivering a unique vision and a new cybersecurity paradigm: true outcomes, not security tools
  • Armor is refining the foundation of its security strategy to include three integrated core components: intelligence, defense and control
  • Enhanced solution offerings include Armor Complete (VPC and Private Cloud) and Armor Anywhere (CORE and CORE+), which work in concert to deliver the trio of security components
  • Armor delivers dwell times that are 100 times shorter than the industry average of approximately 205 days
  • Armor’s secure and managed cloud infrastructure is still central to how it delivers many security controls, management and threat intelligence
  • The technology and delivery of existing managed cloud infrastructure, security and support remains unchanged
  • Armor continues to exceed compliance requirements for the collection, storage and transmission of sensitive data, allowing customers to achieve easy outcomes for PCI, HIPAA and other industry and government compliance requirements

Chris Drake, Founder & CEO of Armor, said, “For too long the industry stood idle watching the manifestation of a wide-­scale cybersecurity problem that forced organizations to procure, integrate and manage point solutions in-­house in an attempt to defend themselves from cyberattacks. This approach is expensive and grossly ineffective. The announcement of Armor is in direct response to today’s threat landscape and the logical evolution for our company to stand between our customers and the threats that seek to disrupt their businesses.”

Tarun Upaday, CTO of hCentive, said, “A determined focus on customer outcomes is a welcomed movement. As a security-­conscious organization, we improve our security posture by collaborating with the industry’s foremost cybersecurity experts. The fact that Armor is asking to share more of our risk and responsibilities is a testament to their leadership, solutions and dedication to delivering truly valuable security outcomes for our business.”

Michael Suby, VP of Research, Stratecast at Frost & Sullivan, said, “Enterprises are facing a growing challenge of sifting through myriad choices on where to host their workloads and how to effectively secure them. This is forcing them to elevate their security expertise. However, for many this is unattainable due to the shortage in information security talent, constantly evolving cyberthreats and an unsustainable number of security technologies that they have in place now but cannot manage reliably. Armor solves this dilemma by providing robust, holistic security solutions that span private and public clouds and private data centers. For enterprises, they can choose their workload-­hosting locations without uncertainty on how they will secure them.”

Geoff Waters, Vice President, Service Provider Channel at VMware, said, “Pushing the envelope — in both technology and problem-­solving — requires a great amount of vision, instinct and determination. As one of our vCloud Air Network partners, Armor understands what’s required to better protect end customers in the cloud. Their innovative spirit also led Armor to adopt VMware NSX network virtualization as the underlying platform for delivering security that is inherent to the infrastructure. As a valued Service Provider partner, we’re pleased they selected VMworld 2015 to unveil the future of their business.”


The leader in active cyber defense, Armor offers customer-­centric security outcomes for retail and eCommerce enterprises, healthcare organizations, payment leaders and financial institutions. Armor protects highly sensitive data for the most security-­conscious companies in the world. With its proven cybersecurity approach and proprietary cloud infrastructure built specifically for security, compliance and performance, responsible businesses choose Armor to reduce their risk.