“We have been continuously investing for almost a century and during this time industry trends and business models have changed markedly. Our reputation as authentic partners has not.”

The Stephens Family has partnered with entrepreneurs and management teams for nearly 90 years, building exceptional businesses with long-term, sustainable value. We continue to build on that heritage and legacy. While our team and capabilities have grown significantly over the years, we have not fundamentally changed. We are unwavering in our commitment to the very same principles and standards on which Witt Stephens, Sr. founded W.R. Stephens Investment Company in 1933. PRINCIPLES


  • Enduring Values
  • Enduring Capital
  • Enduring Partnerships
Stephens Group

Businesses in which we invest are many times in some stage of transformation. With growth and performance improvement being top of mind for our portfolio companies, we focus on driving activities that create, enhance and sustain lasting value. We do so with several key techniques: CREATING VALUE

Creating Value

  • Active Board Involvement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Network Access
  • Capital Markets Knowledge
  • Strategic Acquisition Leadership
  • BILLIONS Invested
  • DECADES of Experience
  • HUNDREDS of Companies