Opportunistic Investments

Our permanent capital and deep history of investing across virtually all industry segments allow us great latitude in pursuing opportunities that may not fall into one of our core defined sectors, but are otherwise attractive investments. We deliberately seek out opportunistic investments as part of our sourcing strategy. These “opportunistic” situations will typically possess many of the below attributes:

  • Require less than a $50 – $75 million initial equity investment
  • Possess clear points of differentiation and a protected competitive position
  • Stable to growing sector with above average profitability, margin performance, ROIC, and other operating metrics
  • Fully-developed management team interested in ongoing roles post-acquisition
  • Diverse customer and supplier base
  • Not readily susceptible to technology displacement nor deep cyclical risks, and not overly regulated
  • Knowledge advantage that can be provided by The Stephens Group, our extended network or through partners whom we know and trust
  • Process advantage driven by various dynamics such as an aligned family seller, small sale process, or an opportunity offered to us by an investment partner who has an advantage

As in our core defined sectors, we typically require the opportunity to participate in detailed, primary due diligence during the investing phase, board governance post acquisition and a meaningful overall ownership stake in the business.

Representative investments: