Creating Value

Businesses in which we invest are generally in some stage of transformation. With growth and performance improvement top of mind for our portfolio companies, we focus on driving activities that create, enhance and sustain lasting value. We do so in several key ways:

Active Board Involvement

We are actively engaged board members. We don’t merely attend meetings looking for a transfer of information; rather, we think deeply and work collaboratively with our management teams on developing strategy. We aim to provide a fresh perspective and analysis to help management arrive at the best decisions. Our governance practices and data-driven monitoring and controls help create the infrastructure necessary to scale.

Operational Excellence

We work closely with our management partners to help deliver best-in-class processes, people and systems. Whether the focus is on revenue growth, cost optimization or overall operational efficiency, we have the combination of internal resources and expertise as well as access to proven relationships to help deliver industry-leading performance. With a long history and deep experience transforming businesses at all stages of their life cycle, we have developed insights and processes to address the most complex problems.

Network Access

Over time, we have built broad networks accessible to our management partners. We readily connect our teams to other senior leaders, industry professionals and subject matter experts. Close collaboration with these resources ensures high levels of attention and a refined process for engaging in value-creating change.

Capital Markets Knowledge

The businesses in which we invest commonly haven’t considered all their financing alternatives. We help each business optimize its capital structure, finding a balance between the right amount of risk and flexibility needed for growth. At each stage of the investment, we ensure that our financing partners also view our portfolio companies as true business partners. Facilitating access to capital markets to drive the best terms and conditions possible is just one way we can help.

Strategic Acquisition Leadership

We leverage our decades of M&A and origination expertise to drive buy-and-build strategies. We help codify each business’s inorganic growth strategy, identify and prioritize targets, and then work to implement a programmatic, process-driven approach to pursuing, acquiring and integrating complementary businesses. Ultimately, our aim is to institutionalize the M&A process in each business, creating a foundation to drive value well into the future.