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W.R. “Witt” Stephens, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chairman

Elizabeth S. Campbell

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Craig D. Campbell

Vice Chairman

Ronald M. Clark

Chief Operating Officer
& General Counsel

Aaron Clark

Managing Director

Rob Dickinson


Debbie Evans, CPA

Vice President and
Chief Administrative Officer

Chad Greenway

Principal and Assistant to the CEO

Evan Grisham

Vice President

Clay Hunter

Managing Director

James O. Jacoby, Jr.

Managing Director

Grant Jones


Lewis Jones


Chris E. Kauffman, CPA

Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Allie Laborde

Principal - Business Development

Davis Malone

Senior Analyst

Kyle McCuen

Vice President

W. Kent Sorrells

Managing Director

Mark Steenhoek

Vice President of Operations

Jens Talbert


Tim Trzebiatowski


Scott T. Ford

Special Advisor

Tom Hedrick

Operating Partner

Bob Martin

Operating Partner