Our business has been built over eight decades of successful partnerships with a wide range of companies and management teams. At its core, our approach is based on a straightforward idea: by partnering with exceptional management and providing the resources they need to achieve their strategic vision, we can build long-term value.

The foundation of a strong partnership lies in mutual personal respect. In short, treat people the right way. It is a simple concept, but prioritizing it ahead of all other business goals and practicing it every day takes a conscious effort.

We Share Risk

We invest our money, not that of third parties.

We Align Strategy

With a history assisting over 200 companies we are experienced helping our partners reach their fullest potential. At its core this involves having a set of shared expectations and a clear strategic focus.

We Are Patient

We have patient, long term capital that allows us to own businesses for extended periods of time and pursue new opportunities as they present themselves.

We Align Returns

We make money when the business makes money; not through fees, enhanced interest, or financial engineering.

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