Our partner companies comprise a diverse group of public and private enterprises operating within a wide range of industries. The dynamics of our relationship with each partner is as individual as the companies themselves. All, however, exhibit certain common attributes, including an exceptional management team, a clear strategic vision and opportunities for high returns on invested capital. By focusing on future value and long-term goals, we have been fortunate to have worked alongside remarkable companies to establish a track record of creating substantial wealth.

  • Exceptional management teams that desire to grow the business over the long term
  • Businesses with a competitive advantage in their industry
  • Solid returns on invested capital and opportunities to continue to deploy that capital
  • Opportunities for substantial value creation due to rapid growth or due to special factors existing at the time of the investment

  • Energy, Energy Services & Industrials
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Services & Consumer Products

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

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